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What are the raw materials that we use in making our jewelry?
We strictly don't use any animal products like bone, horn, shell or leather in making of our jewelry. We also avoid raw material which are hazardous to environment or human skin other then that we use all the raw materials in making jewelry a piece of art.

How can I see a range of a specific product category?
You can request us for the sample photos of the product category in which you are interested in and we shall send you pictures of those by email along with prices and specifications.

What is the sampling policy followed by your organization?
  • To keep our overheads low & pass on the cost benefit resulting from this saving to our customers, we follow following sample policy.
  • Extra charges are applicable for all the samples shipped by us to our customers.
  • We request new buyer to bear cost of courier charges. Once wholesale business starts, we send samples with all cost including courier expenses to us.
  • In case of inquiries coming from internet, we always ask buyer to bear courier cost.
  • In case you are a new customer and you need to check our product quality, please give us your INTERNATIONAL COURIER ACCOUNT NUMBER with Fed Ex /DHL/UPS/TNT or similar courier to send samples on freight collect basis. .It would help us indeed if you send us your e- mail address, we can forward our new range of samples by email attachments to you and the ones, which are approved, can be forwarded for your orders.
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What is the policy regarding minimum order?
We don't take order for less then 500 US Dollars.

What is the expected Delivery time?

Delivery is one of the key to success in our business. We do assure you to meet on time delivery of our product. Our delivery schedule is 30-35 days, irrespective of number of pieces ordered.

What shipping/packing policy is followed in general?
Each piece is poly bagged & packed as a defined set like 12, 24 or even 50 depending on the size of style in question. These are packed in inner corrugated boxes of 3-ply rating & further into master corrugated boxes of 9-ply rating. The gross wt. is usually maintained around 18-20 kgs for ease of handling at ports and avoid any breakage. Customized packaging is also provided for logo printing, bar coding or labeling and can incur extra costs. Normally our shipments are on LCL basis. Once we know of any style with defined quantity, we can work out all necessary details as required.

What are the various procedures of transaction?
You can select the designs of your choice by their respective code numbers. Once you send us your selection along with the number of pieces for each design, we would send to you a Pro-forma Invoice. You will be required to make an ADVANCE Payment of 60% of the Invoice value to our bank by Wire Transfer. Balance within 7 days of the receipt and verification of the goods.

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What are the available modes of payment? For small orders:

If the order value is less than USD 1000, we accept only full advance payment as it minimizes the bank charges involved in other methods of payment. You may send payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Wire Transfer to our Bankers under intimation to us. On request we will provide you our bank details.

For bulk orders:

For bulk orders we take 60% value in advance. Balance payment is payable against delivery of goods.
For bulk order, we can accept Irrevocable Letter of Credit at site opened from Prime Bank.

What is the Policy regarding goods damage in shipment?
We try to assure that material reaches to you in good condition. In unfortunate situation, we have a very simple policy of staying beside you. In case you find any faulty piece(s) in the shipment, you just have to send the picture of the Articles. We simply deduct the charges from the Invoice.

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